Everlasting Love Women’s Training Program
& Social Business

Many women in Cambodia are uneducated and living in poverty. Their backgrounds and circumstances often lead to a life of exploitation, where, without help, there is no way out. Everlasting Love (EL) is a social enterprise and training program for women coming out of prostitution and trafficking backgrounds. The EL program teaches women immediate job skills, through sewing training, and employs them in our business. Women make high-end products (bags, shirts, scarves, and more), utilizing the nations natural resources and emphasizing their worth and value. In addition, their children are given a safe place to learn and receive care while mom works and trains, thereby breaking the cycle of exploitation for generations to come. EL products are sold internationally, through events, wholesalers, and online to build capacity and help more women and children in need.
“I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore, I have drawn you with lovingkindness”
Jeremiah 31:3

Every Woman has Destiny and Purpose

Everlasting love is a social enterprise committed to restoring women and loving them to life.

Women in Cambodia that are living in poverty are often without skills and education. As a result of their circumstances, many become victims of exploitation, working or sold into prostitution.

There is Hope

Women desiring to leave prostitution can start in a 6-month training and discipleship program, where they will learn employable skills through sewing, along with valuable life skills and mentorship. After 6 months, many women continue their employment to help make Everlasting Love products, while others discover their destiny outside of sewing. Whatever their journey, God has a glorious future planned for each one, and we desire to empower them to get there.

Transforming Women

Everlasting Love makes quality products from beautiful, Cambodian silk and other locally sourced fabrics, emphasizing the great worth and value of each woman that produces them.

Products Produced

EL fabrics that are made from Cambodian silk are all sourced, dyed, and woven locally, through a partner organization that also employs women at-risk. All of our other fabrics and most materials are locally purchased, so as to support local vendors and distributors.  Women are trained up as artisans to hand-make items such as:

  • Handbags
  • Wallets and clutches
  • Coasters and placemats
  • Scarves and accessories
  • Shirts and other in-season fashion items

Products that Give Back

When you purchase an Everlasting Love product you are directly helping to set women free, as all proceeds go back to support program costs.

All items made are prayed over and created with excellence. Each handbag style is named by a virtue or blessing EL women have received while working in the program / business, such as joy, restoration, peace, hope, etc. As part of their journey to freedom, they then pray over the handbags and other items they make that which they’ve received.

Cycles of Exploitation

Women that are abused and exploited were often at-risk children that didn’t receive help. Extreme Love Ministries believes in breaking unjust cycles, and as a result, seeks to transform both women and their families.

All women working in Everlasting Love are able to enroll their children in our daycare program, during work/training hours, where children are mentored through a specific curriculum, which teaches Khmer, English, Bible, and other valuable life lessons.

Children that are older than 6 years of age, will also be eligible to enroll in our Education Empowerment Program, where they will receive the support necessary to attend school, thereby breaking cycles of poverty that lead to exploitation.

Support a Woman in Need

Women working in Everlasting Love desire to walk righteously, but until now, they knew no other way. They are meeting Jesus and coming into a close and personal relationship with Him. Be a part of releasing God’s everlasting love, and join us in loving women to life!

There are several ways you can help:


Make a one-time or monthly donation to directly support a woman in need.  A full monthly sponsorship for a woman in EL’s program / business, including: salary, training, discipleship, childcare, and other program costs is $300 USD.
Make a full or partial sponsorship!
*Please make sure to specify your donation as “for EL Women’s Sponsorship / Cambodia”.

Be a Voice

Create awareness and raise funds needed for Everlasting Love. We invite you to host an event in your community, where you can share testimonies, sell products (wholesale opportunities available upon qualification), and raise funds and awareness to help stop human trafficking.Your network and sphere of influence can help change nations!
For more information on hosting a “purse party” or event, partnering your business, or selling EL products, please visit our Be A Voice page.

Purchase Products

Every purchase you make is the product of a transformed life and a vehicle to transform more. Buy a handbag or accessory and change a life forever! Visit our store now.

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