ELM is in the process of prayer, networking, and building relationships in Northern Iraq. As we work towards establishing hope and healing within the nation, we recognize that love is the only solution. “Love Iraq” is an ongoing effort to partner with local groups, aiding to distribute resources and experiences. As we’ve inquired of IDP authorities, they’ve repeatedly told us medical care is a primary concern. As such, in December, 2018, Love

Iraq will take a private team of medical professionals to facilitate a two day clinic in refugee camps. In addition, ELM will partner to distribute food, Bibles, and a crate of medicines, toys, blankets, and clothing. The team will also partner to assist in kids outreaches and a women’s banquet.

Banquet attendees will be lavished with an all you can eat buffet, gifts, and value based teachings. On-going outreaches are part of the Love Iraq vision, as we join hands and hearts to see a nation set free.

Want to join us on an outreach?