Sponsor A Child


Our Education Empowerment Program is an education sponsorship program for children living in the slum and street dwelling communities.

Poverty is a contributing factor to the cycle of human trafficking. It is the reason why many parents or family members choose to sell their children. Likewise, lack of education and training fuels cycles of poverty and corrupt behaviors (such as thieving, gambling, drug use, and trafficking). Persons get trapped in debt, and as a result, may decide to sell their children or work in prostitution to earn a living to support themselves and their family.

Education is a key to job opportunities, and, therefore, will break cycles of poverty, abuse, and human trafficking. It is a method of prevention for anti-trafficking efforts.

EDUCATION IS EMPOWERMENT! Join us in empowering the next generation!


$120 Full Education Sponsorship

$60 Partial Education Sponsorship


$40 Lunch
(Less than $1.50/day)


Your one time gift will go towards
the Education Program

Your Sponsorship includes:

  • Child profile and picture
  • Quarterly letters from your child
  • Quarterly opportunities to write to your child
  • Opportunities to visit your child – Arrange a supervised visit in Cambodia to meet your child! Visits are off-site and scheduled by appointment at the availability of the project team.


Your Sponsor child receives:

  • Private school fees
  • School supplies (text books, notebooks, pens, pencils, and school bag)
  • Uniform and shoes
  • Gym clothes
  • School transport
  • Hygiene and Haircuts
  • Birth certificate
  • One nutritious meal per school day
Handpick your sponsor child or let us choose a special child for you. All public profile pictures are anonymous to protect and not re-exploit. Once we receive your sponsorship commitment, you will receive an identifiable photo and bio of your child.

13 year old boy

13 year old boy who lives with one sibling and his mom in a slum village.His mom is trying to provide a better life for the family. He wants to go to school so he can get a good job when he grows up.

ID: CPB00033

11 year old girl

11 years old girl who lives with her parents and 4 siblings in a small rented room in a slum. She likes to jump rope and she would like to go to school to become a school teacher in the future.

ID: CPB00003

17 year old boy

Believed to be 17 years old boy lives with his mother and one brother. He wants to go to school, but has never participated in formal school. He wants to learn to become an engineer.

ID: CPB00007

7 year old boy

7 years old boy who lives with his mother and 2 brothers in a slum house. He would very much like to go to school to get an education but his family cannot afford to send him.

ID: CPB00021

10 year old boy

10 year old boy who lives with his parents and siblings in a slum village. He wants to go to school so that he can get a good job and help his family.  He wants to be a businessman when he grows up.


12 year old girl

12 year old girl who lives with her parents and 3 siblings in a small rental unit in a slum village. Her father is unable to work.  She wants to be able to stay in school to complete her studies.


9 year old boy

9 years old and has 4 siblings. They live with their parents and grandmother in a slum village of Phnom Penh.  He would very much like to go to school to learn to read and write and get a good job.


9 year old boy

9 year old boy who lives with his grandparents and 3 other siblings.  His grandmother sells snacks in the slum, but it is not stable income.  He really wants to go to school so he can be like other kids and learn to read and write.


8 year old boy

8 year old boy who is an only child.  He lives with his aunt and 3 cousins while his mother works at night. He wants to know how to read and write like other kids so he can become a business man when he grows up.


8 year old boy

8 year old boy who lives with his parents.  They have recently been sponsored to live in a house.  He has also been enrolled in school.  His dream is to become a policeman in the future. 


8 year old girl

8 year old girl who lives with her parents in a slum village of Phnom Penh.  She is very smart and would like to be a teacher when she gets older


8 year old girl

year old who lives with her mom in a slum village of Phnom Penh.  She is ready to go to school so she can learn. She is very smart, brave and very friendly. She would like to be a military police officer when she gets older.


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